i hurt myself today


johnny wants you all to know that there’s an awesome article in this month’s vanity fair about johnny cash working with rick rubin on the “american” series. johnny was so inspired he’s now officially addicted to all 4 discs. me, i think each disc just has a few choice cuts. american iv is the biggest hit or miss collection. there’s some songs on there the man in black should never have touched. for instance, i’m terribly sorry mr. cash, but marilyn manson has kicked your dead behind when it comes to remakes of depeche mode’s personal jesus. like this one, some of the songs are a little too honky-tonk for me, and for cash. it just doesn’t seem like he really has his heart in these songs. they feel like a robotic version of johnny cash is playing them, not the tortured soul we admired.

on the other hand cash took nine inch nail’s hurt, beat trent reznor’s pathetic tortured soul with it, and handed the song back to him (and to all of us, really) on a silver platter. although johnny cash’s version of hurt is incredible, it was played to death (while he was alive) thanks to the geniuses at mtv. the first time ever i saw your face is equally noteworthy. the original is dreadfully slow and beautiful, and somehow the man in black has managed to make it even more painfully slow, allowing us time to savor each line of poetry before delivering the next one in classic johnny cash style.


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