i’ve had a tough week boys and girls, sorry i wasn’t keeping you all informed. last weekend was awesome. i had a beautiful 3 day trip up to sonoma wining and dining on someone else’s expense account. the weather was awesome, the company was lively and intelligent and the food and wine were just, well, outstanding. but the goodness began to fade, even while i was still up in sonoma.

i got a call from my neighbor at lunch. he never calls during the day. i knew somethin was up. he left me a message that my dog was sitting on the front stoop lookin sad. he let mack in and put him in the garden to wait for me. it was weird considering i know how responsible jeff is. he’s always so good to mack when he takes care of him. i called jeff to make sure everything was ok. no answer. what transpired over the next few hours was me finding out that jeff had a friend of his take of mack monday morning, and mack being mack, he ran away from the strange dude and eventually found his own way home.

as if that wasn’t enough, i fucked up at work on monday too. i don’t know if i was distracted cuz of the mack thing. or because i was trying to rush to squeeze writing in between coming home from one event and walking mack to rush off to another. or maybe there were other factors. no matter what. i screwed up, and i got in trouble for it. not undeservedly so, but still it made for a crappy monday.

the rest of the week was spent showing friends who were visiting for the conference a good time and doing everything in my power not to make any more mistakes. thus there were no posts or mp3s or anything. it seems i let everyone down this week. sorry folks.


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