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remember when i said that we were heading towards the creation of secret police state? well it appears i wasn’t so prescient. the bbc’s latest season of “spooks” totally predicts the same thing happening, not just in the US but in the UK as well. or at least the first episode revolves around that theory. […]

ok, i admit, i don’t care about interpol. i don’t care that they’re the hottest band of the year according to mtv and magazines and whoever is a sucker enough to believe all that. i don’t think they suck or anything, i just don’t see the big deal. it’s clear that the world is starved […]

I just got back from watching Garden State. that is one of the most beautiful, touching movies i can remember seeing in a long, long time. it’s emotional without being predictably corny. zach branff is fantastic and natalie portman, damn, i’m pretty sure she’s the most beautiful, talented, sensitive girl in the whole wide world. […]



in every age, something happens that makes fantasy or science fiction a reality. the more we progress technologically, the more that occurs in a single generations. This is a system of underground chambers and tunnels built to keep Tokyo from flooding. these photos look more like like something from a game or some digital artist’s […]



everything finally came collapsing in on itself today. i’ve tried to be strong, to look on the bright side, to work towards new goals, but today i just caved in with feelings of failure. the sad thing is i actually have stuff to work on and yet still i feel like i have nothing to […]

a new hope


if russ beattie can get his dream job, can mine be that far behind?



i may not know how to do it, but this man certainly knows who to target and how to make some serious political waves