apparently the guy responsible for alias is the same guy responsible for this new show “lost.” don’t know if you guys have seen it, but i would strongly recommend checking it out if you have tv. it’s got the same sort of engrossing pace to it. fast action, but plenty of actual story line to keep you involved. plus it has the same sort of weird mystical science thing happening too. you can download it if you don’t live in the states of have decent tv.

the new season of spooks aka mi-5 has also started. i’ve been downloading the shows, but haven’t really found time to watch them yet. still if you’re downloading shit, might as well get some this too. the first two seasons were fantastic. it’s like alias only the heroes are not invincible. now that i’m almost caught up on lost, i’m sure i’ll get around to this soon.

the csi shows have now become junk food for me. they’re what i watch when i have 45 minutes to kill. they’re so predictable now. you know, it’s funny. recently spike has been re-running early episodes. i had forgotten that back then, they didn’t always get the bad guys, or if they did, sometimes the bad guys could get off anyway.

my newest cartoon fetish is the venture bros. it’s a new cartoon with the same sort of wit as space ghost or harvey birdman, only it’s all new animation. still they poke fun of many of the old cartoons and comic book heroes.

soon, though, next sunday, in fact, the cartoon channel begins airing super milk chan. this is the epitome of wacky japanese nonsense. if you thought fooly cooly was off the hook, you haven’t seen anything yet. imagine that + the power puff girls + ren and stimpy. i can’t wait til the rest of america gets a chance to see it.


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