shut up, you pansies


i’m sick of all this whining from democrats. they’re all mopey. all sad. many of them are saying “oh we fought hard, we fought well, and we were beaten.” you know what? you fought hard hard but you used the wrong style. it’s like a fight between an olympic wrestler and a street fighter. let’s say you have an olympic wrestler, you know he’s a good fighter, he’s made it to the olympics for god’s sake. he trains hard and he’s had plenty of matches. but he fights with specific rules. and if he fights a street fighter, especially one with as much experience as him, he’s gonna lose. because he fights within the rules of his game, where the street fighter has no rules. we lost because we fought by some stupid rules or code of honor or some shit. while we tried to expose the facts of bush’s lies, the bush camp was telling more lies about kerry to make it sound like everything the democrats said were lies. it was a brilliant strategy, hide the truth by making people question the veracity of everything.

i’m surprised that even bloggers i know who usually have strength, who have guts, like jockohomo, are acting like smiths fans. taking their bats and going home with their heads hung low. people, this is no time to quit. these are going to be a rough four years and we need all the people we can muster to defend our rights and our country. not from terrorists or non existent WMDs, but from the people who now feel they were given a mandate to continue on their path of destruction. so buck up! stiff upper lip and all that. don’t act like a liberal pansy, act like a republican. if we’re going to win fights against them, we have to fight like them, fight BETTER than them. best get to training!


One Response to “shut up, you pansies”

  1. 1 Mark

    We all deserve some time off to lick our wounds, digest what happened, and breath a bit, even kevetch [sic] if it helps. There’s time later to rejoin the fight, but for now we’re going through our grieving process.

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