judgement night again


god i know i’m totally behind the times here, but i finally saw the first episode of mtv ultimate mash ups – jay-z vs. linkin park. totally hilarious that even tho i love the grey album and the black on black album, i can’t help but think of judgement night as i watch this. i guess either that and run-dmc’s walk this way were the first live mash-ups ever. i mean i know i’m not behind the times on the mash-up tip, i’m just behind the times in realizing that for all we complain about mtv not playing music anymore, they actually are doing some cool shit. this project was dope in poppy alienated youth sort of way, just like we’d expect from mtv, but they’re doing tons of cool musical shit like that – previewing highly anticipated albums online, giving up and coming bands some buzz, etc. yes, it’s crappy music for the most part, but it’s better than crappy reality shows about 20 year olds who can’t help but throw tantrums.


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