the web is too big.


it’s that simple. the web is too big. to make it smaller, there’s all these sites of people who tell us about cool things they find on the web. but the web is so big that there’s too many of the sites that tell us about the other sites. so we edit our links down to just the really good sites, we turn to RSS readers, we stop checking sites that don’t have to do with the things we surf for all the time. and we miss out on tons of interesting stuff. so we feel guilty and try to surf farther and wider again, and still there is more good stuff we miss or we don’t have time for.

tonight i’m chillin at home eatin well and drinkin lots of water cuz tomorrow is my big kickboxing test. 3 hours of hell, with, well basically zero warning. on weds, jeff talked to 5 of us, and asked if we’d try the test on saturday. EEK. so to waste time i’m catchin up on tivo and surfing the web. here’s some cool stuff i’ve found.

sad educated liberal via ali

fight a republican via fecal face

shit sucks in falluja via metafilter

more shit sucks in fulluja via boing boing

sometimes it’s nice to remember the us isn’t the only free nation with a government trying to hide how evil it is from its own people.

and i’m workin on a new project for y’all too. sort of a best of the web audio version too. podcasting is all the rage these days, but i think it sucks. i read enough tech shit on the web, i want to listen to cool stuff when i’m on the go…


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