fueling the fires


Strangercoversince johnny is moving there, well there proper soon, i’ve been thinkin about moving to seattle for reals lately. spend less money on rent, hang out with johnny and pt and beth and start over again. there’s tons of smart people up in seattle, and unlike portland, many of them actually want to do or make something. not that it’s any sf or anything, where as sfist puts it, everyone has a day job and a night hobby. still it’s interesting and cheaper and someplace new.

anyhow, i digress. all i really wanted to say that while everyone in SF is either over the election or still crying in a cold, dark closet. The weekly in seattle, called the stranger, is out makin plans. offering up a way to organize and market the democrats. the piece, the site starts out like it’s going to be a conciliatory give yourself a pat on the back sort of thing, but no. like me and my pals, they understand messaging, narrowcasting and all the other pr shit that we failed at, and have come up with an excellent way to avoid past mistakes. Their solution comes from a map similar to the one linked to in “sad educated liberal” below – the democrats are in the cities, so fuck it, target the city folk. i like it. i haven’t thought it through as well as these guys have but makes sense to me. anyhow, with smart folks like that around, seattle doesn’t seem like too bad a place.


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