and it is us


Since 911 we have watched as our government appointed itself secret police of the world. while we stand by, not necessarily idly, but unable to do anything as we invaded countries, ignored any sorts of conventions or treaties on wartime and then tried to infiltrate the enemy with such cruel measures that a population much larger than just those who hate america have suffered. while i do not like standing idly by while people in the middle east are being starved, deprived of water or “put out of their misery,” it’s far away, being carried out by well armed soldiers, and i am without money or the know how to go there and do something about it.

this whole secret police state parallel is slowly gaining hold back home too. i thought, despite bush’s re-election that we were on the way back to a little rationality here in the states. the federal judge who ruled that prisoners at guantanimo must be tried in civil, not military courts, restored my faith. oh how quickly it was shattered. apparently we’re still getting away with exporting our prisoners to other countries for torture instead, which is not exactly new i realize. what is new and causes me great pain is porter goss, the new CIA director’s, mission to blindly support the administration. basically saying that the CIA should not pursue or reveal any intelligence that contradicts the administration or its policies.

hmmmm, we hurt or kill innocent civilians in the name of making things better. we make sure our prisoners get tortured. we have an intelligence agency that will only feed the administration information to confirm its accusations, never to refute them. so what separates us from the evil societies W is trying to erradicate? how we treat non-combatants in at home you say? how we try to raise children with good values? HAH! think again!

in boulder, which is like the berkeley of colorado, high school students are stopped from performing a bob dylan song by the secret service. Police in Miami have used tasers on two young children, 10 and 12, neither of whom were a violent threat. (not to mention the officer in the midwest who used one on an 82 year old grandma.) spring, texas, which is the kid’s hometown (remember him?), a suburb outside of houston, will follow japan’s lead and track its students via rfid, only the tracking will be conducted by the police in addition to the school (probably so they can go out and use more tasers on kids playing hookey, right?). and another town in texas has decided that a traditional day of cross dressing held annually at its high school might be a gateway to homosexuality and is encouraging students (boys and girls) to come dressed in camo instead. shades of hitler youth and angry dykes dance through my head simultaneously.

i’ll be honest. my specialty is pattern recognition. i read lots of seemingly disconnected signs and cobble together trends from them. this trend does NOT look good, certainly not to me. the bigger problem is political action is not my specialty. i don’t know how to effectively subvert these trends so that they can’t run the current course that’s plotted. this is where i need help. this is where i turn to you my friends. i do not want to sit idly by pontificating on the demise of my civilization. i’d prefer to help prevent it.


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