how did i miss this


ok, i admit, i don’t care about interpol. i don’t care that they’re the hottest band of the year according to mtv and magazines and whoever is a sucker enough to believe all that. i don’t think they suck or anything, i just don’t see the big deal. it’s clear that the world is starved for some compelling rock, with witty emotionally and intellectually savvy lyrics and some real guitars.

and that’s why i get down on my knees and thank the faint for electro clash done right. it’s 80s without the weak ass bullshit. they have it all – the guitars, the weird synth action, the witty lyrics often sung thru a vocoder. perfect, or it was almost perfect. their last album, danse macabre was a little too here are all the depressing things i can think of rolled into one album. it was like the worst of the cure. but it appears the faint are over their angsty teenage years and have discovered lyrics that are weighty without being morbidly depressing. sometimes they reveal a (gasp!) sense of humor. which is why i think everyone should give desperate guys a listen. it rocks with wit.


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