the world needs ditch diggers too


I just got back from watching Garden State. that is one of the most beautiful, touching movies i can remember seeing in a long, long time. it’s emotional without being predictably corny. zach branff is fantastic and natalie portman, damn, i’m pretty sure she’s the most beautiful, talented, sensitive girl in the whole wide world. craig’s pals mike D and mike S swear i’m a closet hetero, and if it’s true i would come out of the closet for her, no doubt.

i was the only single guy in the entire movie theatre. i didn’t realize it was such a couple’s movie, but it really is. in fact, both the movie and the crowd made me feel a bit of a loser for being single or at least very self conscious about it. in fact the movie made me feel like a loser for alot of reasons.

mostly cuz once again at 35 i’m going through the same shit i went through at 25 and 30. tho it didn’t happen on my birthday i’m having that “shit, so exactly what am i doing with my life?” breakdown again. i don’t have an answer yet. at least not a good one. but we’ll see. which is exactly why i after watch garden state, especially since there are actual ditch diggers in the movie, i can’t stop thinking of ted knight / judge smails telling danny “the world needs ditch diggers too, son.”


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