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the guys at cockeyed had the same idea as me, and have rendered the mounting tsunami death tolls by country in terms of the number of world trade center towers it would take to equal that many deaths. thailand hasn’t even reached the 2 towers deaths toll, but indonesia has already multiplied it by 26. […]

today i couldn’t stop thinking about one thing. death tolls. death tolls and people’s reactions to large scale tragedies. in light of the unbelievable death toll from the earthquake / tsunami in southeast asia and india, i can’t help but think about how people are reacting about this compared to what happened at 9/11. since […]

useless brands


i saw an ad for mercury today. why the hell does ford keep that brand around? they have lincoln for high end customers, do they really need a brand for slightly more demanding average customers? and then i realized GM is guilty of the same sin with Buick, which pt thinks sounds too close to […]

normally i don’t have much to say about john mayer, one of sony music’s (i think) singer songwriter types. although i support the genre, mayer doesn’t really do it for me. but he’s perfectly tolerable, unlike sony alternapop whiners train or WORSE, the evil light rock master josh grobin. how does a guy that young […]

i finally got around to watching second attempt at the punisher movie. not that the first one set the bar high, but the second attempt is way better. the new guy is way more believable than dolph lundgren and the action choreography was way better. of course the music was cheesy, the script was pretty […]

well i’m not actually english, nor do i pretend to be, but apparently i have similar tastes. you see sometime today i realized the only christmas song i wanted to hear today was that one from the pogues. at the time i couldn’t remember the name, all i knew was i couldn’t stop thinking of […]

i bought a digital camera to replace the tiny U20 that had been stolen. since the camera is newly released model, i had to do some sneaky shopping in order no to get ripped off. dell came to the rescue by offering 10% off all digital cameras and free shipping for the holidays. dell was […]