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i have to find out about this crap from the english press (via jockohomo), not even the SF chronicle. jocko is rebelling against the family values folks by exhibiting more overt gay behavior. there’s enough overt gay behavior in sf that there’s no point in me lamely attempting it.

i admit that post election, i had grown complacent again, safe in my gay friendly haven. but articles like this remind me that even though this gerald allen guy is not going to wipe these books out (much like the nazis weren’t able to wipe out all the books with their bon fires – note the parallels?), that there’s still alot of americans who are trying to rub us out. if they can’t legally kill us, they at least want to make us persona non grata. this is how it starts. first you vilify a group until you have enough momentum to convince people that they need to be eliminated.

we need a two pronged attack to defend against this tactic. first, we need good press to fight against vilification. stories about how wrong these people are about gays won’t work. it’s gotta be homos doing good stuff. stuff that your average hetero is afraid to do or impressed by. but we also need a secret underground doing 2 things – rabble rousing inside the str8 world and defending homos in unfriendly environs. like sinn fein and the ira, we need a public face and a private army, but i don’t think we need any explosives or heavy weapons.


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  1. 1 Jocko

    Overt homosexual behavior in Ohio is still shocking to some. It is my way of saying, I’m queer, I’m here, now get used to it, I demand equal behavior and will not stand for anything but…thank you, excellent post, brilliant actually, through unity we can make a change.

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