leading by bad example


the other night craig took me to a launch party for a new book of poster art, which may have been the coolest party i’ve ever been to. there were tons of cool people and freaks there and everyone was just so laid back and social. there were a few people who didn’t seem to belong, but they also seemed to leave early. craig introduced me to chris shaw, the first person i’ve ever met who’s officially on the do not fly list. we all had a great chat – it’s so cool to be surrounded by well informed people who are as pissed off as i am if not more. of course i guess that just goes with the territory of being well informed.

as if i didn’t leave the bar riled up enough from our conversation, i had just watched former cabinet member paul o’neil discuss W’s lack of concern for facts or logic on the daily show, and came home to hear the news about rumsfeld’s unbelievable disregard for our troops right in front of them. i figured the least our friggin secretary of defense could do before sending our kids off to war was to tell them something other than i’m too old to remember why that particular piece of equipment you have to use is a crappy obsolete piece of shit and it doesn’t matter how much armor you scrap up for your rigs since even armored tanks get blown up by enemy mines and rockets. how is it that any with a brain has been asked to leave the administration and this man gets to stay and make a mockery of our country and of the soldiers that are supposed to be his primary concern. it’s your FUCKIN JOB rummy. if i had as little information about my work as you have about yours, i would be out of work. how come you get to keep your gig? is it just because you tell the president what he wants to hear?


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