the rave scene


i saw blade trinity last night. i don’t know why but i couldn’t resist. i’m glad i went because it was the best writing and the best and hottest acting out of the three. parker posey is her hilarious self. ryan reynolds is both funny and smokin hot, and the guy who played john doe is sexy as ever. ryan reynolds is my new movie boyfriend.

i was discussing the movie with loretta today and noted that it was the first blade that didn’t have a vampire rave scene. and then i went on to point out that all cyberpunky movies have to have one. it’s almost mandatory. ted and i once went through all the movies with them but i forget many. the first two blades had one. the second matrix had one. as did hackers, strange days, hell i think even barb wire had one. if you extend the rave scene to back before there were raves, then you could probably even count the endless dance club scenes in earlier sci fi films like the terminator and new jack city.

which was when loretta pointed out that maybe the cantina scene in the first star wars was the original sci fi rave / dance club scene. and that made me realize that actually, that scene was based on saloon scenes from classic westerns. it seems since the dawn of hero fiction, movie makers have always needed a place that was the polar opposite of american puritanism. initially this was where bad guys and possibly mercenaries who might become good guys would congregate, but eventually it just came to represent the opposite of traditional american values, and lost some of its bad guy denotations.

just somethin for you all to think about


One Response to “the rave scene”

  1. 1 Barry Sheely

    actually the first blad emovie did have a rave scene matter of fact every blade movie had a rave scene I believe I knwo the first one did cause I just watched it the other day on cable

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