star wars still doesn’t work


ronald reagan’s star wars, not the george lucas one. 20 years after we started working on a missile defense shield, and 10 years after we temporarily stopped working on one, the most brilliant technology money (or so the missile defense agency, we have one of those, would like us to believe) can buy still can’t protect us. sec. rumsfeld, is this really a good use of our military budget when we’re sending troops into war with obsolete and ineffective equipment and bringing them home with no VA services? yah, i thought not.

as usual, the news is being reported throughout the world except for here. no surprise there anymore. i think the fact that americans can now get their news from reliable sources outside the US is contributing to their shoddy, less than complete coverage of events. those of us who care about the truth don’t really care that american news agencies don’t provide it anymore because we get it elsewhere. so instead of making a fuss about how poor US broadcasts are, we just happily go elsewhere.


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