a little hope for remakes


i finally got around to watching second attempt at the punisher movie. not that the first one set the bar high, but the second attempt is way better. the new guy is way more believable than dolph lundgren and the action choreography was way better. of course the music was cheesy, the script was pretty close to awful, and as usual they had to change the way his family died. why do they gotta do that? what’s wrong with just blowing up the wife and kid? that was the only good thing about the first movie.

comic book movies are hard, even for good directors. i wonder if it’s because so many expectations already exist around the character and the stories. remakes are tough too- after all, tim burton didn’t improve on planet of the apes that much, but i’m hoping he fuckin nails willy wonka. i have high high hopes for that movie.


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