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i’ve lived the past 4 years as what amounts to a blogger. i generally write very short views or summaries on a subject, not long or thorough dissertations. however the new job requires me to be more than a blogger. now i have to be able to write full length features too. i’ve been able […]

this does not surprise me in the least. years of studies show that the many people in the US who identify themselves as born again christians, and the smaller but still significant portion who identify as evangelical are actually less likely to exhibit many of the behaviors they consider moral or christ-like than their lapsed […]

i was sick as a dog this week, which left me plenty of time for web reading and listening as i was incapable of generating any original thoughts myself. however i was able to discern a single new pattern, between all the innaugural bullshit on thursday, as well as that day’s edition of fresh air, […]

remember that totally cool machine that puts leeloo back together in the fifth element? check this out: these scientists culture your skin cells, mix ’em up in a suspension, and then can use them as ink for a special printer that can create a patch for exactly the area that needs to be replaced.

two separate but awful movies, the phantom of the opera and polar express are both running commercials that pull out kudos from larry king, in fact both don’t just run quotes in text, but also cite him on the audio track. first off, you know a move is bad when the only critic you can […]

you all know how much i love my ipod shuffle by now. i really am totally comfortable with the fact that i have given up all control of the music i listen to on a daily basis. i’m not sure i’m prepared to give up control of my visual stuff as well, but for those […]

if i know you and you’re thinking of starting a business or doing any advertising ever, here are 13 rules for you to live by. if you don’t i will be seriously disappointed and will consider never talking to you again.