piece of shit only lasted me 9 years


after 9 years of at least once a day use, my espresso machine died. surprisingly, that’s only like 3200 cups of coffee. but that’s way more than doc has ever gotten out of one. (we both were using the estro vapore, now known as the starbucks barista.) looking on the bright side, even figuring the cost of coffee beans, soy milk and the machine itself, that thing has probably saved me at least 8 grand in morning lattes. i thought it was dead a few years ago, but some research on maintenance and a couple of bucks in new parts saved it that time. after regular upkeep, it made it 2 more years or so. then today, immediately after i was doing a cleaning cycle to try and improve the severely decreasing flowrate, the thing just stopped pumping. my espresso machine had a heart attack. i am so sad.

i had been looking around at those super instant coffee pod machines like the philips senseo and all those things, so today i did some serious research on them. it turns out each one uses its own proprietary pod, none of which are compatible with the standardized ESE pods which higher quality coffee brewers (like illy or even starbux) use. not that it matters much though, because apparently they all make crappy cups of weak, tepid coffee.

however that means that now i have to go on the hunt for a new espresso maker. but i leave for las vegas in 2 days, so i guess it’ll have to wait til next week. any recommendations would be appreciated. it doesn’t have to be ese pod compatible since i have a great burr grinder. it just needs to be reliable, heat up fast, make great coffee. if it was decent at foaming milk that would be a nice bonus.


2 Responses to “piece of shit only lasted me 9 years”

  1. 1 Johnny

    Dude: I can’t believe that piece of shit only lasted you 9 years!

  2. 2 Mark

    I use a moka pot. It makes good espresso sans crema but would be useless for the milk part of a latte.

    All I know for latte is: go for a pumper.

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