finally reaching gadget nirvana


i am oh-so-close to reaching the perfect combination of gadgets i carry with me on a daily basis.

first, when i was at CES, sony ericsson gave me an s710a cameraphone for review. this phone is SO close to what i’ve been looking for my whole life that i’ve had a giant smile on my face since the day i got to start using it. it has the same oh-so-close to perfect as the k700, plus it adds faster data, an unbelievably good camera, and a huge screen that even craig can read. there are two small problems, but they are very small. one is that thanks to the huge screen and the power hungry fast data and super duper camera, the battery only lasts for 2 days between charges. the other even smaller problem is that the phone is just slightly too big. it’s not uncomfortable in tight jeans, but it does make an unsightly bulge.

then two days after i get home from CES i go to cover the macworld keynote and steve announces the ipod shuffle, which i was immediately struck by. so i went and got one. the shuffle has totally replaced my full size ipod for day to day music listening. it’s tiny, holds about 5 hours of music (the 512 mb ones are the only ones available so far), the battery seems to last forever, and the sound is unbelievably good. alot of people don’t understand that apple nailed the shuffle not with the idea of an all shuffle player, but also with the “autofill” software in itunes that packs the little guy full of random music. the combination of the two make for a totally joyful randomness. i love this thing. when the 1 gig models come out i might consider selling my full size one in favor of a few shuffles. seriously. i like it that much.


4 Responses to “finally reaching gadget nirvana”

  1. 1 Johnny

    so THAT’S what the unsightly bulge in your jeans is from–

  2. 2 Jesse

    Looks like this will be the return of the Mr. T look: Tons of necklaces and pendants, except this time they will have form…and function!

  3. 3 Mark

    Send you full-sized ‘Pod this a way. I’ll be more than happy to help you get it out of your sight šŸ™‚

  4. does the ipod shuffle have fast forward or just skip between tracks?

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