since when was larry king a film critic?


two separate but awful movies, the phantom of the opera and polar express are both running commercials that pull out kudos from larry king, in fact both don’t just run quotes in text, but also cite him on the audio track. first off, you know a move is bad when the only critic you can find to give it a good quote isn’t even a movie critic. second, what the hell is a talk show host, and a mediocre one at that, doing moonlighting as a film critic? since no one cares what he says during his interviews, is he seeking importance by switching careers?


One Response to “since when was larry king a film critic?”

  1. 1 JC

    hey, give Larry King some slack. He may not be in a critic’s circle, but he has interviewed over 5,000 notables in his life, many of them Hollywood and motion picture figures. I’m sure they’ve taught him a thing or two about how movies are dreamt up. He may not be trained to be a critic, but a guy who talks with refs knows more about the rules of football than a joe on the stands. 🙂

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