a little politics and religion


i was sick as a dog this week, which left me plenty of time for web reading and listening as i was incapable of generating any original thoughts myself. however i was able to discern a single new pattern, between all the innaugural bullshit on thursday, as well as that day’s edition of fresh air, i learned the republicans’ newest linguistic trick (a pro-active euphemism, maybe?). anyhow, just as the estate tax became the death tax, and global warming became climate change, now our modern day crusades are now for the sake of “religious freedom.” one of the guys on fresh even went so far as to dream up the possibility of a single kaliphate from morocco to indonesia if the US doesn’t stand up for those in danger of being persecuted. holy shite! these people really think we’re fighting a holy war. worse, they think this time we’re gonna win. people people people, just like there hasn’t been peace in the middle east for AT LEAST 3000 years, the crusades will never succeed.

and speaking of peace in the middle east, i missed it, but apparently there was a big row last sunday in berkeley over the appearance of a bus that was blown up by a suicide bomber last year. this is just SO berkeley, people 6500 miles away from israel taking up extreme viewpoints when it doesn’t affect them. sure some of these people may have loved ones in israel, but they’re safely tucked away in california where barely a fist fight breaks out, let alone a friggin suicide bombing. i will say this: i am not pro-wall / fence (it won’t work), i am definitely not pro-suicide bomber (EVER), but i know that no matter what side you’re on, duking it out, or even talking it over, in fuckin berkeley is NOT going to shit in israel. only what happens there will change anything. shit we can’t even change what happens in our OWN country with protests much less another country.


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