learning to be a writer, not a blogger


i’ve lived the past 4 years as what amounts to a blogger. i generally write very short views or summaries on a subject, not long or thorough dissertations. however the new job requires me to be more than a blogger. now i have to be able to write full length features too. i’ve been able to write my past articles, even the long ones, straight through in a single word processing document. but now that’s not enough. i needed a different way of writing, and that required a new way of thinking, and that (being the geek that i am), required a different interface. i looked around at mac software for writers, and i’ve settled on copywrite. it’s missing two features i’d like (split views and auto-complete), but other than that, i think it’s pretty great. in fact i think it’s BETTER than the other alternative i was looking at (which costs 5x more thanks to the plummeting dollar).

i’ve just discovered that i can add auto-complete to all my typing, not just one program thanks to this neat app called autocompleter. how creatively named, i know. i’ll keep you updated on both.


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