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hooray for the 2005 tv season. this is the first time in a long time we can watch good lookin boys fight and train to fight with their shirts off. johnny zero is totally crappy show, i admit it. but the star, frankie G, he’s fuckin buff and he obviously knows how to box. so […]

elections or no, things are still not pretty in iraq. it may not be the US doing the majority of the killing any more, but that doesn’t make the tragedy any less awful. check out this river of blood after a car bomb took out at least 115 people. (picture also from IHT)

sometimes the most obvious solutions are the last ones we try

how fucked up is this? in one breath the governator admits to taking steroids (no surprise there) and says knowing what he does now he’d do it again. then in the next he pushes for a ban on steroids in california.

new experiment


in the never ending quest to find chemical enhancement to my training without going overboard, i’ve been looking into some new things. since my tribulus experiment last year, i’ve been toying with ideas to go for something more serious, but couldn’t bring myself to do it because last fall and this winter i really slacked […]

the past week i have been a walking rollins band song, or a collection of them, chief among the tunes has been low self opinion. i dunno why my self esteem is so friggin low but let’s just say that for whatever reason i have blown my chances with 3 different guys in the past […]

if you are living under a rock, or in a media vacuum, you may not have heard the news that sometime between saturday night and sunday morning, someone hacked their way into paris hilton’s sidekick account and posted EVERYTHING online. including her notes, her address book, and her pics (yup some of her tits). all […]