i’m so totally, utterly tired, and for once it’s not from a sleepless week at some convention. it’s because we have been working non stop since tuesday morning moving. tuesday i got up early to finish packing, as i packed, i moved each box out to the hall, right in front of the gate for maximum efficiency. then craig and eric swung by and we loaded everything i had packed into the truck. when we got it all in there were still a few stray things, but nothing that wouldn’t fit in a van or station wagon or whatever. so we unload all of my crap into the new place, which means many trips from the street up to our new top floor flat. once unloaded, it’s off to get the rest of craig and eric’s stuff, which means many trips from their top floor flat down this precarious narrow staircase to get stuff into the truck. then many trips up to our new flat again. then, it was time to put some stuff together so we could sleep and get online and watch tv.

since it was the first night in our new place, no one really slept well. so we all woke up early. while craig went off to school, eric and i headed out to do another full day’s worth of moving crap. first we picked up some computer supplies, then some of eric’s stuff, then the rest of my stuff. while eric took all that shit to our new place, i stayed at my old place and cleaned for like 2 hours. then at 3:30 i ate breakfast. hahaha. seriously. i got home and i barely had the energy to drag the rest of my shit up the stairs, but still we weren’t done.

i don’t even know how it started but i decided i needed to scrub the shit out of the bathtub, cuz even after craig did it once, it was still gross. then after scrubbing it once (i had to do it yet another time later – yes the tub was so gross it took 3 scrubs to get it clean enough that i’d take a bath in it.) i decided we needed to put all the shit in the kitchen away. soon enough the three of us have unpacked and put away every single box in the kitchen. and then craig and i still had enough energy to walk down to the grocery store. of course when we got home i didn’t have enough energy to make any dinner. now i can barely keep my eyes open. goodnight cleveland!


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