no, you can’t take that away from me


although they claim it shouldn’t effect amateur photographers, the company that lights the eiffel tower in bright spots and ugly colors has claimed they have a copyright on all pictures taken of the tower at night. all your pictures are belung to us. they want creative control to make sure images of their light show don’t get used without their approval. yah, right.

eric suggests an act of rebellion. i bet there are millions of amateur photos or snapshots of the eiffel tower. i bet all the people i know have taken at least 100 of them. some are good, some suck. hey guess what? it doesn’t matter. let’s start a photoblog of the eiffel tower at night using only amateur pictures and see how long it takes before SNTE send a cease and desist.

so here’s what you do. email any jpegs of la tour at night to gaijin >at com. be aware that once you email them, they will be posted in a public blog i will host. said blog will have a creative commons share alike license, so your picture could wind up on the web or in an ad somewhere, even. who knows? all i know is i’m friggin tired of companies saying they own something public. the tower is a public monument! if this is allowed to continue you’ll have to pay royalties to share your vacation photos. BAH!


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