this line is secure


so it’s not like i im with my peeps about super top secret stuff, at least not all the time, but i’m getting kinda leery about how completely hackable im systems are. not that someone else will login using my account, but that someone will eavesdrop on my shit. it’s pretty easy to do since i use wi-fi 99% of the time and since im transmissions on AIM or MSN are not encrypted, not even weakly. so now there’s an easy to use alternative that actually encrypts im conversations- skype is officially out of beta. it allows you to make voice calls or have im conversations between computers for free. you can also use it to make voice calls to telephones for some paltry fee, but who really cares anymore. anyhow, when you IM on skype the conversation is encrypted as it’s transmitted, so it’s much tougher to eavesdrop on. thus from here on out, whenever i’m online on AIM, i’ll be online on skype as well, at least until i can get all my buddies to convert to skype, which probably won’t happen until cell phones and hiptops are supported as well. but anyhow, i’ll be on both. catch me on either. if you don’t know already, my buddy name is littlegaijin.

and for all you people who are about to call me a hypocrite for wanting to use secure im but not making a big deal about email, which is equally unsecure, listen up. the key factor about skype’s security is that it’s effortless, you don’t have to download anything special or do anything beyond start a conversation just like you normally would. sending and receiving a secure email is nowhere near as simple. when it is, i will urge all my friends to use it. until then, i’ll deal.


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