i am home


the move is officially 100% over. not only that, but i’ve actually unpacked, something i never really did at the last place. it feels good not to be surrounded by boxes anymore. it just feels good here period. we’re living this sort of psuedo-studio apartment lifestyle – each of us has moved into one of the big rooms in the flat, leaving the kitchen and a small room as shared spaces. the small room will eventually become a dining room. bedrooms are currently sleeping / working / living rooms. but since all my furniture is based on having a separate bedroom and living room, it’s not workin too well. my solution? sell my bed, my italian leather bench and host of other shit i’ve got and hope that there’s enough money to buy this couch > day bed > double bed thing. it looks great, and it’s totally ingenious! that should solve most of my issues. and selling all my shit would be just what i needed. it’s amazing how much crap i’ve accumulated – not just furniture but crap. probably 1/3 of it i seriously do not need – ever. so i’m gonna go craigslist, ebay and half.com crazy. i’ll also post everything here too just in case someone who checks my blog out needs some of my crap in their life.


One Response to “i am home”

  1. 1 Johnny

    at $1300, it should be called “design just tantalizingly out of reach”

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