more on the state of the proto-fascist state


while everyone is still trying to figure out the state of the union address, there was more news this week about the actual state of the union. first, a survey of high school students by the Knight foundation found that a little over a third of them think that the first amendment goes too far in protecting free speech, and over 10% believe that people should not be allowed to express unpopular opinions (whereas only 1% of their teachers said the same thing). is it me or is this crazy? isn’t high school when you’re supposed to rebel against authority? these kids have totally been brainwashed. see? evil always has a complicated long term plan. if you cut the education budget, force teachers to teach kids what’s on achievement tests instead of critical thinking skills, and create a state of fear, then you can create little drones who will believe anything the government says and won’t question poor decisions. argh. maybe it really is time i quit my job and became a high school teacher. someone needs to beat some sense into these kids.

luckily it’s no longer just me and other “liberal academics” who are noticing this disturbing trend. even conservatives are scared, at least a few smart ones. they aren’t necessarily as scared as i am, this article calls the fascist leanings of some conservatives “latent,” but still, at least they’re taking notice.


One Response to “more on the state of the proto-fascist state”

  1. 1 rob

    You would be hopelessly frustrated (at least I would). I am SO glad I didn’t pursue that route now.

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