low self opinion


the past week i have been a walking rollins band song, or a collection of them, chief among the tunes has been low self opinion. i dunno why my self esteem is so friggin low but let’s just say that for whatever reason i have blown my chances with 3 different guys in the past week because i thought they were too good lookin or whatever to be talking to me. so i continually questioned their motives and shit while trying not to deprecate myself too much, but enough that it drove all of ’em away. of course i regret doing this, but i couldn’t help it. update: a bunch of pals have written in with words of encouragement. thanks guys. no need to worry. i know things will turn around. just blogging about a low point with the full expectation that one day i’ll be able to blog about some high points.


One Response to “low self opinion”

  1. 1 Andrew

    jaded and bitter… yeah… i’d say rollins is the right soundtrack, hehehe

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