new experiment


in the never ending quest to find chemical enhancement to my training without going overboard, i’ve been looking into some new things. since my tribulus experiment last year, i’ve been toying with ideas to go for something more serious, but couldn’t bring myself to do it because last fall and this winter i really slacked on training (like 3 days per week tops). But now boot camp is about to begin and since the rest of my life seems to be in order, i’m ready to take on physical challenges again. so i’ve been taking what tribulus i have left while looking for something with a little more OOMPH. however thanks to the baseball scandals and the presidents sudden interest in steroids last year, pretty much anything with more oomph has been taken off the market – at least anything that directly manipulates testosterone levels more directly. so instead, thanks to a reco from brian, i decided on np2 – a nitric oxide enhancer with tribulus and other herbal hormone encouragers. basically it opens your tiny blood vessels up more to get more nutrients to the muscles, plus encourages testosterone production. sounds good right? apparently it works best when there’s nutrients to take to the muscles and minerals to build testorone with. so i’ll continue taking my mega zinc and magnesium multi vitamins and guess i’ll have to drink some nasty fuel shake before hard work outs. but hopefully it will help. the effects tribulus had on my body last year were pretty long lasting as far as muscle mass and stuff. hopefully another dose of all that during the tough boot camp workouts will do as much or more good.


One Response to “new experiment”

  1. 1 Mark

    The real stuff is only 100 miles south. Oh, I guess it’d be 500 miles for you. Score one for SoCal.

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