hot man on man action


hooray for the 2005 tv season. this is the first time in a long time we can watch good lookin boys fight and train to fight with their shirts off. johnny zero is totally crappy show, i admit it. but the star, frankie G, he’s fuckin buff and he obviously knows how to box. so of course, i’m gonna watch it no matter how bad it is. at least once per episode we get to see the dude with his shirt off, and more often than that we get to see him in some fights. pretty realistic ones too.

but even better than johnny zero is the ultimate fighter, a reality tv show where a bunch of kids train and compete to get their UFC pro card. the guys are all good fighters, and the get coached by fuckin randy couture and chuck liddell. i mean how bad ass is that? the kid and i talk about all the guys. among all the dudes, i have a thing for this guy nathan. he’s a smart fighter, and out of all the guys on the show, he’s the one who we can see has some humanity and dignity. shit if he was a homo i’d stalk him til i got a date.

update: well the kid (for those you who remember him) doesn’t like nathan because he tried to mentor the asshole of the show, who was on his team. but jocko digs nate too. in fact we typed up our little odes to him simultaneously. weird!


One Response to “hot man on man action”

  1. 1 Normlr

    I couldn’t agree more. I think that there should just be a UFC channel.

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