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speaking of god


remember last year when i blogged that bill about “god’s law” that i discovered via that russian news site? well guess what? carlo was wrong. it has been re-introduced. i guess they were trying to find additional means to overturn the court decisions on the schaivo case. Advertisements

and the pope now needs breathing assistance and has a feeding tube just like hers. does that mean we will have to endure another 12 years of that helpless old man, or will he finally kick the bucket, or even just STEP DOWN and maybe just maybe that church might be able to dip its […]

don’t bother


i admit, i haven’t been a nine inch nails fan for like the last 15 years – 1990 was about the last time i remember watching them. but even if you are a fan, and you’re thinking of going out and buying with teeth, please save your money. i went to a launch party tonite […]

“fuck the whopper, i like the big mac.“

moments of zen


two great things i read today. the first written to me by mr. freedom: “i guess without serendipity, insanity would just be sloppy functioning.” the second from banksy: “The time of getting fame for your name on its own is over. Artwork that is only about wanting to be famous will never make you famous. […]

the rains finally went away, i hope it’s for good this time. two sunny days in a row and all i can think about are two wheeled things. i took the vtr out last night. god that thing desperately needs some TLC, but i don’t have money for that right now. maybe once i pay […]



my pal big jesse officially becomes a genius today — an Apple Genius, that is. go give him some love.