damn you, nike


nike has been playing commercials for it’s new line of “pro apparel” for like a month now – it’s those new skin tight shirts and stuff obviously designed to compete with the like of under armor. in the commercial nike shows real athletes wearing the stuff. they’re big boys, but they have athlete’s bodies, not some impossible to achieve model cum bodybuilder physique. however in niketown it’s a different story. nike has installed new mannequins that have impossibly buff physiques in all their stores to show off the new line. i have never had a mannequin make me feel so ummm inadequate before. it’s friggin crazy. i mean i’ve seen a few guys, who in real life, have managed to achieve that kind of body, but they’re the kind of guys who did it just to look good. where are you mannequins who look like derek jeter instead of tyson beckford nike?


One Response to “damn you, nike”

  1. 1 Mark

    There’s in the same place as the mannequins who look like in-shape regular women and not like some Barbie fantasy.

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