i’m drooling


WOW. the rock was on the daily show last night. now that he isn’t a full time pro wrestler, he’s lost a little weight. not that he’s turnin to flab or he’s gettin skinny, he’s just not lookin like a freak. his head is normal sized – he has cheekbones now, and instead of huge, he’s lookin ripped. i already thought dwayne was hot, but now he’s SCORCHIN.


One Response to “i’m drooling”

  1. 1 Johnny

    from the New York Times review of Be Cool:

    The sole exception to this parade of unsavory types is a gay Samoan bodyguard, Elliot Wilhelm, played with great good humor by the Rock. Charming and unexpectedly funny, the Rock wears his muscles and his role lightly. Although the character is subjected to a number of crude gay epithets, none of which I recall from the novel, the Rock deflects their sting by making Elliot into a pussycat and stealing the show. Elliot looks like a stone-cold killer, but that isn’t the part he yearns to play: he sings (his cover of Loretta Lynn’s “You Ain’t Woman Enough” is all heart and no ear), but what he really wants to do is act. His audition monologue for Chili is the only reason to recommend “Be Cool” when it shows up any minute now on DVD.

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