Don’t DIY


it’s a simple thing. i’ve been wanting the armband for my ipod shuffle ever since i got it, however apple has yet to sell them in their stores. i’ve been running more lately, increasing my need / desire for an armband holster so i don’t have to carry the shuffle in my sweaty hand. yesterday, in a bout of craftiness, i came up with my own solution. i put on one of my oh so hipster wristbands and tucked the shuffle inside. i thought this was the perfect solution. it was cheap and seemed to hold the shuffle just fine. however when i got back from my run, i realized my folly. the wristband held the shuffle just fine — right next to my sweaty skin. the thing was soaked. it was so wet that i had to dry it off 2 or 3 times just to be able to switch it off. gross. it wasn’t just the surface either. being in my little sweatband sauna made the inside wet too, making the shuffle very unhappy. it was nothing a night of air drying and a quick trip into the usb port for a reset couldn’t fix, but still. so you have been warned. do not be a foolish as i.


One Response to “Don’t DIY”

  1. 1 Johnny

    well OF COURSE that didn’t work. Everybody knows that! You should just do what I do–shove the shuffle up your pooper. That’s howcome they make ’em so SMALL. You just need an extra long headphone cord is all.

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