feel the power of rex kwan do


so jocko and i have been talking about core training. we do a bunch of good exercises (crazy pushup variations, all sorts of plyometric jumping shit) in kickboxing already. jocko says he’s been slowly shifting from big weight training to the exercises in this guy matt furey’s book. the exercises may really work but i just couldn’t deal with the hilarious over the top egomaniacal tone of his website. so i did some looking around, and found that matt isn’t even the worst of the bunch. check out alan orr, who is completely and totally over the tony robbins top. there’s one down to earth dude, ross enamait. (who’s also the hottest of the bunch) well his website is down to earth, but check out his training, it’s pretty over the top. but out of all the guys, this one seems to know what he’s doing. still, there’s no way i’m throwing up dumbells in a clean and jerk, i’m sure i’d tear something. that being said, we do PLENTY of those things he calls burpees in training. man they are tough. they suck the wind out of you. really teaches you to breathe at the right time, and works every major muscle group at once.

anyhow i couldn’t do all this research without thinking of rex kwan do from napolean dynomite. i didn’t know they still existed, but these guys are all the over the top, cult of personality dudes that deidrich bader was poking fun at in the film. gotta love it.


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