the customer is always right, even when he’s not


if you read this blog with any regularity, you know i believe on changing organizations from within. i’m all about infiltration. become one of “them” and slowly convince the rest to see things your way. lead by example. so imagine how excited i was when i saw queer eye for the green guy (via basically saying that people would be more willing to listen to environmentalists if they looked more like the average american than like a “treehugger.” there are ways to clean and dress yourself with green products and still look professional. check out some of the hemp and organic cotton clothes from folks like patagonia.

when i found out nike was creating a line of green shoes, i was pretty happy to hear such a big company was taking on a challenge like this. it’s kinda like when the car companies finally started taking the environment to heart. nike waxed poetic about the line being inspired by shoes like the air superfly. which was this cool classic Vans looking slip on that was a huge hit in the sneaker culture. instead of something that cool, nike came up with a line of shoes with a treehugger aesthetic. they’re flat out gross. nike created an environmental shoes to cater to environmentalists instead of making a green shoe that would convince every to buy something environmentally responsible. i am SO disappointed.


One Response to “the customer is always right, even when he’s not”

  1. 1 Jake

    What difference does it make, they’ll still produce the damn things in sweatshops.

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