8 days later


last sunday (8 days ago) i landed in new orleans, for the following 72 hours i got to see every part of the downtown area except the good part – the french quarter. outside the french quarter (which is where all the tourist hang out. well there and by the casinos.), that town is one depressing, run down piece of shit. we’re not talking charming decay, we’re talking the kind of decay and economic depression past the point of repair, only utter destruction will clear the fields for a new city to grow.

while there, i totally scored. unfortunately, thanks to the new websites editorial policy, i don’t get to fully enjoy my loot. see, i won a limited edition black razr. the phone that only rap stars and oscar winners have so far cuz you can’t buy them in stores. but i’m not allowed to keep phones. so i’m reviewing it real quick and then we’ll run a cool contest to give it away on the site. one thing i got that i CAN keep is a pair of the oakley hatchets exactly like i wrote about a few weeks back. i also got tons of good of info and contacts, which are all more important than the stuff anyhow.

a lot of work, a lot of crappy food (i had one good meal there, and i actually had to argue with the restaurant manager just to get that), and a ton of walking but little other exercise, i returned desperate for fresh asian food and lots of exercise. of course each came at a cost. however i’m happy to report things are back to normal and i’m back on track training wise and stuff.

also over the weekend, big jess hooked me up with tiger. it took a day or two for me to get all my shit in order, but i installed it sunday. it’s pretty fuckin nice bro. it’s not totally stable yet, and some of the apps still need some work (oddly safari needs it most). but still it’s nice to be in the loop, you know?

quick music rundown… new fischerspooner comes out april 5. amon tobin did the soundtrack for the new splinter cell, you can stream it from apple’s quicktime site. still in love with dirty power, they have a track on my space. craig bought the new high on fire. that is some hard drivin metal too.


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