what am i missing?


so i had a good talk with this guy named ray at the gym. ray is one of our good fighters. he’s a cop and a sharpshooter out in the real world. he was in the first gulf war too. you’d think ray was a conservative hoo-rah nationalist. you’d be wrong. he’s no fool. ray is just as aware of our proto facist status as any of you dear readers. he’s upset we’re sending our young men off to die fixing another country’s problem while ignoring our own. that our congress is more concerned with steroid use by baseball players and terri shaivo’s life support than things like a balanced budget or health care or the unemployment rate.

while discussing this disaster, ray brought up a point he’s been dealing with alot. the media seems to be backing the government including the military. however they don’t seem to show the same support for the police force. the men in blue are under constant scrutiny by the media, and many of them get attacked and put on trial (on television not in courts) without bothering to check facts or background on many of the stories. sure some of the stories have been about genuinely bad cops, but just as many have been about good cops doing something that sounded wrong unless the entire situation is known.

here’s the disconnect though, which ray and i both noticed. if you want to run a facist state, you need to make sure everyone believes that any government force in undeniably in the right, all the time. the police are the most visible government force inside our borders, so you would think that the feds and the media would be bending over backwards to make it seem like the police can do no wrong, or at least talk about their heroics when genuine heroics occur. but that doesn’t seem to happen. the sad part is i know most those cops are trying to do some good, or are at least trying their first few years. and maybe with a little encouragement they could but….

a HA! but if they did too much good, then we would feel safer. the government wouldn’t be able to keep us scared, and thus take away our rights in the name of protecting us. OHHHHHH maybe i get it now.


One Response to “what am i missing?”

  1. 1 Mark

    Oh, I don’t know. Seems to me there’s plenty of hero fetishizing in the media when it comes to policemen and firemen.

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