bikes bikes bikes bikes


the rains finally went away, i hope it’s for good this time. two sunny days in a row and all i can think about are two wheeled things. i took the vtr out last night. god that thing desperately needs some TLC, but i don’t have money for that right now. maybe once i pay my taxes, i hope. this MUST be the year things happen to that bike though or i’ll go NUTZ. i can’t go another year riding with it in this condition. at least i’m no longer constantly lusting after a new bike. johnny, however, called to tell me he sold his VFR and bought a pretty new aprilia caponard. it’s a big bike, but at least it’s not a whale like it used to be. i’m glad aprilia has finally slimmed down their models. the ones from two or three years ago were all so huge i couldn’t even get a leg over most of them. he got a great deal on one with only 1300 miles. that’s not even broken in yet!

on a more affordable tip, big jess and i imed after he officially became a genius and he’s lookin at bicycles. so while hunting down the best choices for him (bianchi volpe or a karate monkey built for road riding look like the best choices for him), i stumbled across new mountain (or at least upright) single speed. kona updated the humu humu and it looks pretty fun now, just check out those bmx handlebars, plus it’s well spec’d. bianchi has kept up and spec’d out this year’s s.a.s.s. equally well. while those are tempting from a rationale point of view, check out some of the other bikes these guys are offering this year. i love the hilarious o.c.c. stylings of the bikehotrod. it’s about the only cruiser i might actually ride with a smile. plus it’s got the same components as the humu. bitchin! then look what bianchi did – they have two more fun single speeds too. first the p.u.s.s, which is just an s.a.s.s. frame powder coated bright pink. now that takes balls (or tits). and then there’s the rollo, which they’ve had for a few years now. it’s a single speed cruiser with fenders and this totally hilarious clown head horn on it. i mean how can you not love it?

but no new bikes for me. the langster is still treatin me well, although i’m getting flats on the rear. i checked the wheel and tire and nothing unusual, so i dunno where their coming from, especially since i’m gettin slimmer, not fatter. who knows. i’ll also spend a little (probably a very little) dough this year to fix up the abortion again. probably into an 8 or 9 speed. it’s too difficult and no longer cost effective to get 7 speed parts. there’s some super cheap wheelsets at price point and i’m sure i have a shifter somewhere i can use.


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