don’t bother


i admit, i haven’t been a nine inch nails fan for like the last 15 years – 1990 was about the last time i remember watching them. but even if you are a fan, and you’re thinking of going out and buying with teeth, please save your money. i went to a launch party tonite with big jess and few of his friends who are fans, and even they were disappointed. it is the most derivative piece of crap ever. every song sounds like trent reznor trying to copy another band’s sound. there’s a ministry song, a linkin park song, an evanescence song, even a talking heads song. they aren’t covers of songs by those bands. they’re just songs that sound like NIN covers of songs by those bands. in addition to the complete lack of originality, it sounds like 14 different bands on one album, so there’s no continuity either.


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