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last night weezer played in town. of course since it provided me with the opportunity to catch up with good pal karl and see the boys, i hopped on down to the warfield to chill with pals, meet new people and see the show. you probably have very little interest in hearing about me and […]

leaky shins


not one but two of my fellow kickboxing cronies have had awful soft tissue injuries to their shins since boot camp started long sparring days. i have ceased attending since i am without health insurance. which brings up the real point here. why isn’t there a third party who i can turn to for explanation […]

anti-gay violence is increasing. it shot up drastically in the second half of 2003 and continued to rise, though by a much smaller margin, throughout 2004. i do not like the sound of this. the national gay and lesbian task force says the increase in violence coincided with the increase in anti-gay rhetoric by politicians […]



anyone want to help me construct a fake identity? i’d like to go deep undercover.

anyone who knows me, knows i’m a coffee addict. but then you also know i’m a coffee and coffee drink snob. i’ll go out of my way to get a good cup of coffee or espresso, or go to a place that cares about the foam when they make lattes and capuccinos. i have an […]

i am not dying. i do not have any deadly diseases (that i know of) and i’m not going out and doing anything stoopid. so don’t worry. see, my mom and i talked the other day and she sort of berated me for not observing passover. i had asked how her seder was without any […]

on convergence


i know, i know, i promised a psp extravaganza, but while i was lookin around at stuff for that, a few things popped into my head. back a couple months ago sony ericsson, which does many things right when it comes to cell phones, announced a phone with a 2 MP digital camera and a […]