summer summer summertime


every week we’re having fewer rainy days and more sunny ones. our clocks have lept forward. energy, tans and mating season return. i equate “summer” (aka the dry season) with two kinds of music – jazz and hiphop. jazzy stuff for those lazy times when you just wanna relax with a hoegaarden (the summertime beer of choice), or get, you know, all romantic and shit. and hip hop for all the other times.

verve:remixes 3 just came out to fulfill my jazz needs. whereas blue note just lets one producer / dj at a time loose with the freedom to remix their entire library, verve produces more of a sampler. #3 has remixes from the likes of the postal service to rjd2. i bought it on itms today for 10 bux. well spent.

dj format’s new joint will be out april 11. if you don’t know who his, go find out right fuckin now. there’s an ep of new stuff on itms, and a video for the first single off the new album at the director’s site. he has two previous albums: music for the mature b-boy and a right earful vol. 1. both are incredible. mcs like jurassic 5 and abdominal make appearances all over the places to kick it nu-old skool. speaking of old skool stylings, i’ve also recently discovered one block radius. you need to check ’em out. tight!


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