i succumbed


well yesterday i imed carlo complaining “it’s thursday, where are the friggin psps already.” and what do you know, at 1:45 i got a call. they got in a shipment of psp at the metreon and there was one with my name on it. only i had to pick it up by 9pm, after that it would be first come first served.

anyhow, i read up on all the launch titles to pick out a few games. i really wanted lumines, but i heard it was tough to get. i love wipeout but since i don’t know anyone else with a psp, racing against myself (or the computer) sounded so boring. i love sneak and shoots too, so metal gear acid sounded great, even if it was card based. in fact, i thought the fact that it is card based would divide it into perfect little bite sized chunks. nothing else really sounded all that interesting.

so if there were only a few games that sounded cool why did i want one so bad? one word: movies. the thing is reasonably small but it has a huge screen. you can buy movies for it, or there’s utilities to make your own from downloads or rips. plus it’s a friggin playstation, there’ll be plenty more cool games coming.

i got to the store and of course they were sold out of lumines, so i just got the psp and metal gear acid. i’ve been playing splinter cell and hitman as my sneak and shoots of choice lately, so firing up MGA reminded me of the most annoying thing about that franchise. the endless background story and dialog bits that pervade the game’s start. I’m having a hard time adjusting to not playing in real time since everything is based on what might happen and i don’t quite have the non-real-time movement system down yet. at least you actually play the game in 3d space.

so what do i think? i love the thing, i admit it. it’s too big to just slip it in your pocket and take a walk, but i don’t care. it’s glorious. the screen is perfect. the placement of the controls is so natural, and it just feels good. usually i complain when shit isn’t pocket sized but i’m not terribly worried just yet. we’ll see. do i wish it was smaller? yes. could it be? honestly, no. there’s no spare space on the thing. it’s still smaller than my powerbook for amusing myself on the plane, which will be one of its most critical uses.


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