vlc workaround for tiger


if you’re a mac user, actually if you use any os – mac, windows, even linux, vlc is by far the most amazing video and audio player out there for you. it supports just about every format under the sun, and does it well. plus it’s free. it’s actually a school project run out of the paris central school – a technology institute.

i swear by vlc, it’s one of the few movie players that lets me play a file full screen on my tv while i do work on my laptop’s main screen. plus it does a great job of supporting subtitle files for all those wacky asian movies i download. so imagine how crushed i was when i upgraded to tiger and found that i couldn’t do many of things i used to do with vlc, and that it wasn’t playing movies back as smoothly.

it turns out apple changed alot of the os for tiger, so it broke many of the tricks vlc was using to work around limitations. now tiger supports the initial functions better but vlc has to be reworked to support this. in the meantime, here’s a workaround for getting subtitles, playback on external monitors, and a few other features to work.

also, although the project is run by a school, anyone can join the effort. if you know how to make happy mac applications and have some free time, videolan is looking for help


3 Responses to “vlc workaround for tiger”

  1. 1 Mark

    And how is it, pray tell, that you are already running panthera tigris? Did the 29th arrive early?

  2. 2 Richard

    Ever heard of developer releases?

  3. 3 neohx_7

    Did you try a build from here? I had better luck on Tiger with subtitles and digital audio output.


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