visual stimuli overload


so much good stuff to see today. today is one of those days i wish johnny and really had gotten jobs reading comic books and magazines all day.

graphic junkies: photos a cop in atlanta takes on patrol

poseable thumbs: a growing gallery of gay leather porn created using action figures

10 commandments: the way of the 29 year old virgin

cubistro: documenting the construction of daniel libeskind’s new wing for the denver museum of art

nike ovolo: i don’t care if they’re supposed to be for chicks, these are the must beautiful sneakers ever and i want a pair.

i almost forgotbreakdancing transformers: it’s done as a music video for a remix to the transformers theme, and while the video aspects of it are kinda boring and crappy, the breakdancing animation is amazing. the artists really put alot of thought into how transformers can move and based their dancing on that. throwdown has a better storyline, and shinier graphics, but the animation isn’t nearly as good.

and just for good measure, missing sync has finally come out for the hiptop, after being ready for a full fuckin year. of course, it’s not compatible with tiger, at least not until they issue an update, which they say will be ready by june, so i’m guessing we’ll see it around xmas if we’re lucky.


One Response to “visual stimuli overload”

  1. fuck a sidekick hiptop piece of shit.

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