can you see the smoke pouring out


out of my ears, that is. there is so much to say, i don’t even know where to start.

i’m not even catholic, let alone christian, but how about with the new pope, papa ratzi as the sun calls him. benedict 16, or benedicK as he shall henceforth be known, has been known to revise and revise church documents until they all but explicitly state that homosexuality is a choice so that he can continue to call gays degenerates. he also shows no love for non-catholics, having suggested that turkey be denied entrance into the EU because it was a muslim country and calling other religions inferior. AND he’s the same cardinal who suggested that no catholics church should offer communion to anyone who supports abortion rights, which started a big row here last election. and this man’s supposed to be the great unifier? well craig likes him because he thinks he’ll destroy the church, i’m not so sure.

on similar notes. government institutions here in the states are not getting any more tolerant or less fundamentalist. first there’s the news that non-christian (particularly jewish) students at the US Air Force Academy are being berated by fellow students as well as staff for their religious beliefs. I sense the air force academy uniforms won’t be blue for much longer.

Then the texas house passes a bill protecting foster and adopted children by banning gays from becoming adoptive parents. cooler heads are prevailing in the texas senate, but who knows what the final bill will look like.

and a few weeks back microsoft, under threat from one of those huge evangelical churches in the northwest, renounced its support of a washington state bill that would provide equal employment protections for homosexuals. today that bill failed by one vote.

what the fuck is this coming to? i heard a number of both evangelical and catholic leaders speaking of how they were impressed by benedick and his fundamentalist views, how christianity needed that to push back the rise of modernity. (literally, 3 said modernity like it was a dirty word). the interesting thing is i’m reading ghost wars right now, and this is the exact same viewpoint that began the fundamentalist islamic movement in all those countries that are our “enemies.” really, we’re just following the same pattern, two sides of the same intolerant, backwards-looking coin.

to those who i’ve asked to join my gay army, i hope you are training, because i sense we are going to become freedom fighters – although the government will no doubt call us rebel terrorists – in a few years if we can’t change things from within. does anyone want to try and get elected to congress? i’m considering how i can infiltrate it.


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