random thoughts


i’ve got a good post forming, but i’m so friggin tired right now, that i just can’t pump out the quality. within the next 12 hours i’ll post a ton of cool useful psp links, i swear. in the meantime there’s a few things to get off my chest.

first, everyone who knows me in person knows i often say the wrong thing, but they love that because so often i say the right thing. the trouble with meeting guys online is that they don’t know my record for saying the right thing, so when i say the wrong thing, i’ve screwed the pooch.

also, on the meeting guys online thing. brian and i already tried makin a personals site once, because we couldn’t seem to find any of *our type* of guys on the sites out there. it failed miserably. it was quickly overrun with guys who weren’t our type and brian shut that bitch down. i still wish there was a central site to meet my kind of guys. what i’ve tried to do in the past few years is meet fellow homos who blog. cuz, well, reading something so personal really tells you alot about a person. sadly i haven’t found any blogs i like of guys who live in SF. so i wish there was like a blogging homos jump off point. i think that would be cool.

so two dudes i dated are kind of a couple now. have sorta been for a while now. they’ve moved in 3 doors down from me. happily, we’re still all pals and i’m not the least bit jealous of their relationship. today we spent the day together riding bikes to different events around SF. it was so fuckin fun.

one of the events we went to was the cherry blossom parade. this year there was barely enough people to carry the mikoshi. i felt bad and wanted to jump in, but i wouldn’t be a dick and do it in jeans and a tshirt, so the 3 of us have promised to do it next year. if you live in SF, come do it with us, it’s great fun. here’s a few pics from today’s parade.


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