on convergence


i know, i know, i promised a psp extravaganza, but while i was lookin around at stuff for that, a few things popped into my head.

back a couple months ago sony ericsson, which does many things right when it comes to cell phones, announced a phone with a 2 MP digital camera and a damn good music player and nice headphones. The music player will play tunes (mp3, aac, and atrac of course) loaded onto a memory card. motorola has been working on a similar “itunes phone” for a while, and now it’s rumored Nokia has something similar too. if any of these work well and work with cingular’s network, i have a feeling the ever shrinking load in my pockets my be reduced to just a phone and a wallet – no camera, no shuffle, and not a psp since that doesn’t fit in my pockets.

i’ve already given up my real ipod for a shuffle. having distinct access to music just doesn’t matter to me anymore. any of the phones will be capable of shuffle-like playback no doubt. i’ve given up on regular digicams altogether except for work. for my personal use there’s nothing a camera phone can’t handle.

the only thing i’m worried about is getting my music from itunes to a phone. the motorola itunes phone will no doubt sync with itunes, but honestly motorola’s software is awful. don’t get me started. sony ericsson will have cool software to get your tunes onto their walkman phone, but since it will be sony-related, it will no doubt only work on PCs. i know nothing about what nokia may have up their sleeve.

all i know is that the software to get music from pcs to phones is probably the most critical component of this equation. i know this because i’ve started dicking around with stuff for the psp, and that is becoming the obvious issue. there is software to get content from the mac to the psp, it’s even good software. but in general transferring content is still a pain. it’s sure not as easy as just hitting the “autofill” button in itunes when i plug in my shuffle, that’s for sure.

still, you know me and ever shrinking gadgets, so you KNOW i’m going to have to have one of these phones. i’ll let you know which i choose and why when the time comes.


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